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Bill A.366A/S.7424 was passed by both Houses and Signed on 11/24 by Governor Hochul. Legislation S.7424/A.366A Requires Camps and Youth Sports Programs to Establish an AED Implementation Plan.

It went into effect immediately and per section 3000-F, Item #2 – Within 180 days of the effective date of this section, …. It takes effect. 

Some key definitions of this new Section 3000-f (NYS Public Health Law):

“Training course” means a course approved by a nationally recognized organization or the state emergency medical services council in the operation of automated external defibrillators. These organizations are the American Red Cross (ARC), the American Heart Association (AHA), and the Health and Safety Institute (HSI) among others. 

(d) “Camp” means a children’s overnight camp, summer day camp, or traveling summer day camp as such terms are defined in section thirteen hundred ninety-two of this chapter.

(e) “Youth sports program” means any league or recreation program organized to provide group athletic activity to individuals under seventeen years old or programs providing athletic activity for high school students regardless of the age of the participants of such programs. Public school athletic programs subject to the requirements of section nine hundred seventeen of the education law shall not be subject to the requirements of this section.

Some key provisions of this new section:

2. Within one hundred eighty days of the effective date of this section, a camp or youth sports program shall establish and submit to the Department of health an automated external defibrillator implementation plan describing how the camp or program will:

 (a) make available an automated external defibrillator at every camp, game, and practice;

(b) ensure that there is at least one employee, volunteer, coach, umpire or other qualified adult who is present at each such camp, game and practice who has successfully completed a training course within the preceding twenty-four months of each such camp session, game and practice.

(c) Each camp and youth sports program shall include in their plan details for maintaining records that such camp or youth sports program possesses a sufficient number of automated external defibrillators to meet the requirements of paragraphs (a) and (b) of this subdivision. 

(d) Implementation plans shall include an equipment checklist and cardiac emergency protocol for when cardiac emergency incidents occur.

3. Implementation of automated external defibrillator plans shall be done in accordance with the requirements and protections of section 30 3000-b of this article. (

Please keep in mind that within 180 days this all has to be implemented and submitted. Please also keep in mind the ongoing AED shortages and delays (varies by Manufacturer) so ordering of additional AEDs should occur sooner rather than later. 

Some questions we are going to work to get answered: 

  1. Make available an AED at every camp, game, and practice – does this mean if three separate sports practices are taking place, there needs to be three AEDs, one at each?
  2. …camp or sports program possess a sufficient number of AEDs to meet the requirements – again this needs to be better spelled out. 

The good news is we can help! We are working on developing standard plans and templates that can be tailored to your organization to meet the above requirements. We can also help with AED compliance, fulfillment, and training. 

As we find out more, we will continue to update. 

Post Author: Strategic Training